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how much A LV bag?

LV bags affordable? A lot of people's minds may think so, LV bag of luxury, the price is high, ordinary people can not afford to buy.

In fact, the LV website to tell you, LV bag price, looks expensive, in fact, very affordable, ordinary people can also have a loui vuitton bag.

LV, is a famous French luxury brand LouisVuitton, "Louis Vuitton" this brand of early design and sale of high-end leather goods and luggage

After entering in twenty-first Century, became involved in fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, media, areas such as the famous fashion giant aircraft carrier

LV limited handbag is not very high, but the Chinese fried out. For 08 years the blue loui vuitton limited handbags just $2500, out of your

loui vuitton new out of the package, in the United States is about 2000 dollars, in China to buy loui vuitton handbags have to wait a few months to a new one, when the bag with a year are similar, about 800-1500 dollars can buy one.

Louis Vuitton brand one hundred and fifty years to keep advocating delicate, quality, comfortable "travel philosophy", as a design departure foundation...... Louis Vuitton this name has now spread throughout Europe, become the symbol of the most delicate traveling articles.

Today, Louis Vuitton was sixth generation descendant of Patrick Weedon, the existing 13600 bag making craftsmen, they were in 14 workshops, besides the 11 workshop in France, Spain and the United States of America in Fagafaga Tai Lohia of California also has production base. Bag making 80% work by hand. Louis Vuitton is still 52 countries opened 314 luggage store, only in China to open 9 home. In 2002, its turnover was 3000000000 euros, 3 times over 10 years. Annual earnings increase by 40% - 45% speed.